Transformation Competencies Self-diagnosis

What is this self-diagnosis for?


This self-diagnosis will allow you to know your level of maturity in 12 critical competencies to lead a transformation. Through a questionnaire, you can analyse and evaluate how your behaviour is in certain situations that reveal your degree of development of these skills. Upon completion, you will receive a report.

If you want to deepen these skills and how to incorporate them into your life, we recommend reading the book “Head, Heart and Hands”.

Transformation Competencies MODEL


These are twelve competencies that we call “Transformation Competencies” and which —in our fifteen-year experience accompanying companies in transformation processes— are decisive in promoting change with speed and depth.



At the end of the self-diagnosis, you will receive a detailed report that will allow you to know your level of development in each of the 12 competencies, and you will also receive recommendations to boost your self-development and a selection of learning resources.



Fill now your self-diagnosis and start to lead your own transormation.


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To lead the transformation of an organisation, one has to tackle several critical dimensions, responding to 4 key questions.



To start a transformation, the first step is to define the strategy and the second is to design an action plan that focuses on the organisation’s talent and resources.



Transformation always requires extraordinary team effort that can only be obtained through inspiring leadership.



Throughout the transformation, team alignment must be ensured through constant communication.



To meet the challenges of transformation, it is necessary to deploy a collaborative work model that breaks down the silos and that guarantees agile and disciplined execution.

Our model is based on a simple methodology for managing transformation. It revolves around a selection of strategic company projects and facilitates both the disciplined execution of them and the development of personal skills.

Modelo Competencias Inglés


It is the ability 1) to “read” complex situations, where there is an abundance of information, dimensions and actors, 2) to identify critical factors and 3) to make practical decisions that speed up obtaining the desired results.


It is the ability to land strategic challenges in projects with specific objectives that achieve, in a limited period, tangible and measurable results.



It is the ability to lead the implementation of projects by empowering multidisciplinary teams to focus on early achievement, through learning and dynamic —but disciplined— planning, keeping the team cohesive.


It is the ability to live consciously and consistently according to specific values and aimed at improving oneself and contributing to improve others, without falling into day-to-day behaviours that do not measure up to their own values.


It is the ability to develop a genuine interest in others that allows you to know them, appreciate them, earn their trust, and contribute to displaying their talent. It requires the desire and effort to extend oneself and get close to others, developing with them as link much stronger than a mere technical and professional interaction.


It is the capacity for expressing improvement opportunities -delicately and clearly- or of showing recognition of an action or development of any of the people with whom I collaborate in the organisation, independently of their hierarchical position of the functional area they belong to.

verbal & non-verbal communication

It is the ability to explain complex things in a clear, brief, and attractive way. This competency applies to all kinds of meetings, presentations, trainings, and conversations. Non-verbal communication also plays an essential role in message consistency and helps increase its impact.

written communication

It is the ability to explain complex things in a clear, brief, and attractive written way. It applies to all kinds of written communications in any organization: from authoring a report that provides real value to authoring an e-mail subject that captures and focuses the attention of the recipient.

effective presentations

It is the ability to explain the complex in a clear, brief, and attractive way using audio-visual presentation tools. It requires the ability to use these tools to build a narrative tailored to the type of context —from a team meeting to a presentation to a large audience— and to the type of audience.

digital tools

It is the ability to use appropriate digital platforms and tools to improve the efficiency of each person’s work and collaboration with the rest of the organisation, with a clear vision of the rules of use, and a discipline to implement them.

meeting & workshop management

It is the ability to conduct these forums in an agile and disciplined way, achieving that they provide real value, through the efficient use of time, knowledge, and talent of all participants.

matrix influence

It is the ability to lead and corporately collaborate in projects with people from different functional or geographic areas, through informal leadership based on influence and not on hierarchical dependency.

example of questions on the questionnaire

It is a detailed questionnaire, with a total of 250 questions about behaviours, that will enable to diagnose your degree of maturity on the 12 Transformation Competencies.

duration & devices

Completing the questionnaire will take approximately 60-75 minutes. In addition, you can use your laptop, your smartphone or your tablet to complete the questionnaire.


If you need to pause and continue at another time, you can save your questionnaire and finish it later.


what is included in the report?

You will receive a detailed report with your level of maturity on each of the 12 competencies, that will help you to identify your areas of opportunity and provide you with insights to define your self-development strategy.

My level of maturity in the 12 competencies

An aggregated view of your maturity in each competency.

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Detailed assessment of competencies and their critical dimensions

A personalized and detailed explanation of your abilities in each competency, to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and how they affect your current performance.

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Self-development recommendations

A set of recommeded actions to lead your own transformation. It includes a selection of learning resources that you can take advantage of to speed up this process.

start leading your self-development process today

After this self-diagnosis, you will have key insights to help define the best approach for your own personal yransformation process, and create a personalised self-development plan.

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