With the purpose of contributing to the transformation of organizations and institutions, we offer the following services: Transformation Consulting, Transformation Workshops, Creativity and Innovation Workshops and Talks.



By transformation we are referring to a collaborative endeavour 1) to design a ground-breaking strategy within an industry, 2) to rapidly implement improvement projects within the current business model and introduce innovation projects that generate new growth and, at the same time, 3) to develop new skills within the organisation

We work alongside companies by using OUR TRANSFORMATION MODEL.



Based on interviews with the CEO, directors and middle management, as well as a study of internal documentation, we diagnose the situation within the company in strategic, organisational and cultural terms. We also define the degree in which the company requires ongoing consulting services.



We design the transformation methodology, adapting it to the structure, strategic goals and culture of each organisation.



We facilitate the process within the company by working alongside the CEO and the management team. We also offer them feedback regarding their leadership of the process.



We ensure implementation of the transformation projects with a disciplined follow-up procedure based on a simple model of indicators and featuring a collaborative work platform that provides constant visibility for the progress that is made.



We work with the teams leading the projects so that they develop the new skills required by the organisation.


The resource that is most scarce amongst management teams is time. And the resource that features most potential consists of the talent that exists within the team. Over a period of three days we offer you a series of key strategic aspects, high-impact tools and a simple working approach that will enable you to lead a transformation process from within, headed by members of middle management.


Diagnosis Interviews

Our consultants will interview the directors and members of middle management, as well as studying internal documentation, with a view to discovering the current situation within the company in strategic, organisational and cultural terms.

DAY 2 & 3

Transformation workshop

Our consultants organise a workshop with the directors and members of middle management in order to design a series of transformation projects in accordance with the company’s strategic priorities. Finally, our consultants will present Emergap’s transformation approach with a view to adapting it to the specific needs of each organisation.


Creative thought requires exploring minds that have a capacity to combine ideas and tackle challenges from a range of different perspectives. By means of a series of creative techniques that have been proven to be effective within the business realm, in this workshop we endow the participants with a series of management skills for promoting innovative creativity. There are four modules:

Defining the problem/challenge

We train participants in how to formulate and approach problems and challenges that require creative solutions. If we formulate a problem properly we are half-way towards solving it. In this module, we strengthen the skills of analysis, synthesis and integration.

Techniques for generating ideas

Here we continue with a process for generating ideas (structured imagination) aimed at solving the problem or creative challenge. We apply creative techniques for the conception of new and useful ideas, such as Visual Explorer (featuring high-impact images that help to train our visual thought), Inventive Patterns (techniques used by inventors as part of the Inside the Box method), or Jobs to Be Done (for customer insights), among others. In this module we shall begin to deploy our own creative capacity.

Elaboration of prototypes

Once different creative options have been developed for solving the problems or challenges we have formulated, the participants design a series of rapid and low-cost prototypes 1.0, as a kind of “playing field” that enables them to communicate the idea and iterate with regard to the organisation, client and the market. We use handcrafted techniques of rapid execution such as Lego Serious Play, amongst others. In this module we enhance the skills of experimentation, iteration and tangible communication of creative ideas. And we also generate a portfolio of innovative proposals for the company.

Accompanying participants in implementing prototypes

Once the prototypes have been approved, in our role as external facilitators we accompany the participants during the iteration process (organisation, client, market) in order to monitor the process and support the implementation of each innovation project.


Our conferences serve as a means of creating a clear strategy and sense of urgency, effectively rallying individuals and organisations to transform. In this sense, we adapt our approach according to the needs of each company and the characteristics of the target audience. Here are some of the questions we address:



Transformation of Organisations: Competencies and methodology

Nowadays, there is no lack of managers, but a lack of leaders with the capacity to transform.
Traditional management skills are not sufficient when it comes tackling special changes: leading a digital transformation; or reinventing a business model in structural decline; or redesigning complex processes, which requires hundreds of people to change their working habits; or repairing damaged relations amongst members of a management team; or rekindling enthusiasm amongst members of a team suffering from fatigue
This conference presents a skills model and a simple methodology that enables an organisation to lead a transformation process from within, through the auspices of middle management.


Conversation As a Transformation Tool

The quality of leadership depends on the quality of your conversations.
Over the last decade, the tendency to replace face-to-face conversations with e-mails has become an epidemic, one that has led to a deterioration in relations amongst professionals and has created a source of structural inefficiency within companies
This conference presents a model for designing high-impact conversations that is capable of restoring damaged relations and rekindling enthusiasm in working teams